Progress and Success

Philippe Lucas, First Term Progress and Success

During his first term in office as a city councillor and CRD Director, Philippe has been extremely proactive on economic, environmental, social justice, and food security issues.

Through votes and motions, Philippe has supported:

  • keeping the upcoming regional sewage treatment project entirely public (the only CRD Director to do so);
  • a ban on the production, storage and distribution of biosolids on CRD property, and a ban on the use of biosolids on all farmland in the CRD;
  • maintaining a train crossing as part of the new Johnson St. Bridge project (the only councillor to do so);
  • city incentives to increase affordable housing, rental housing and secondary suites;
  • improved access to harm reduction in Victoria, re-establishing a fixed-site needle exchange, and the creation of a distributed needle exchange strategy throughout the region;
  • a moratorium on the implementation of BC Hydro/Coris Smart Meters until a hard-wired option is available to customers;
  • making light rail the preferred rapid transit option for Victoria.
  • increasing senior’s care outreach and preventative health programs, and community-based senior’s care (through UBCM motions)
  • increased safe access to medical cannabis and better protecting communities by making the federal medical cannabis programme a provincial responsibility (UBCM).
  • a ban on oil tanker traffic in the Georgia Strait and drilling for oil off the BC Coast (UBC).

Through votes and motions, Philippe has opposed:

  • this year’s 7% residential tax increase (the only councillor to do so);
  • by-laws preventing our street population from erecting basic emergency overnight shelter;
  • public funding of privatized health clinics;

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