Carbon Neutral Campaign

This election I’m teaming up with Synergy Consulting to run the City of Victoria’s first carbon neutral municipal election campaign!

The average municipal political campaign involves lots of (toxic) printed materials, hand-outs, roadside signs, event hosting, office space energy consumption and gas-powered transportation.  This election we are making smart decisions to reduce our environmental impact as a campaign through purchasing practices and offsetting our emissions for a zero carbon campaign.

The offsetting portfolio is targeted to progressive sustainability projects currently underway in British Columbia.

When governments of all levels commit to reducing the affects of climate change it means not only changing the decisions we make in policy and community development – it means changing how we fundamentally live and work.  Election campaigns are not exempt from this.

As the City of Victoria’s environmental candidate, I am proud to thank Jill Doucette and Chantal Orr for helping us run our carbon neutral campaign.

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