Campaign to Re-Elect Philippe Lucas Goes Carbon Neutral

For Immediate Release:

Campaign to Re-Elect Philippe Lucas Goes Carbon Neutral

Philippe Lucas has teamed with local Victoria company Synergy Enterprises to launch the first carbon-neutral municipal campaign in Canada.

In an effort to reduce the unavoidable environmental impact of running a municipal election campaign, City Councillor and CRD Director Philippe Lucas is working with Jill Doucette of Synergy Enterprises to analyze and offset the carbon footprint of his re-election campaign. “Elections are pretty resource intensive: there’s thousands of pieces of printed material, lawn signs, travel, etc.,” says Lucas, “and although I’ve always made an effort to use recycled materials and reduce the overall impact of my campaigns in the past, Synergy took these efforts one step further. As a result, we’re proud to be working together to create the first carbon-neutral municipal election campaign in Canadian history.”

Synergy will produce a real-time estimate of the campaigns overall environmental impact, and the Lucas campaign will then purchase carbon-credits to offset energy use. “Synergy is incredibly pleased to be assisting with Philippe’s ground-breaking effort”, says Doucette, “and we hope that this move towards sustainable election campaigns becomes the norm in Canadian politics”.

Philippe and Synergy will formally announce this carbon-neutral strategy at Lucas’ campaign launch on Oct. 5th at Solstice Café (6-8pm); press are welcome to attend.

For more information, contact Philippe Lucas at 250-216-5433,, or go to the campaign website:

* Synergy Enterprises is a local Victoria company that was founded in 2008 to provide a full range of sustainability initiatives for business.




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